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Ya Tseen

Indian Yard


Project Management of Deluxe LP Book

Design of Standard LP and CD Packages








I worked directly with Nicholas Galanin (Ya Tseen) and the designer of the LP book, Gregory John Smith, to produce a highly unique large format LP book with all original art by Nicholas Galanin, the cover “featuring a sci-fi landscape populated by a toddler wearing artist Merritt Johnson's sculpture Mindset”.

To produce the deluxe LP book, I coordinated with with three separate printers to ensure quality and color matching across formats. Then, I designed the standard LP and CD packages, to replicate the aesthetic of the deluxe version.

Cover Art by Nicholas Galanin

All original internal art by Nicholas Galanin

LP Book design by Gregory John Smith

Product Photography by Sarah Cass and Lauren Martin.

Photo Manipulation by Evan Trusewicz.

LP Book Printed by WestRock MPS.

Standard LP Printed by Windward Press and Stoughton Printing.

CD Printed by Windward Press.

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