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HA 15th Anniversary Campaign


Campaign Branding

Individual Obi Designs

Social Banners






To mark their 15th anniversary, Hardly Art put out a series of 15 singles named Hardly Art’s 15th Anniversary Single Series.

I designed the template for the series of digital album covers with custom branded obi strips for each artist, the general branding for the anniversary, social banners for the overall anniversary campaign and for each individual single.

As a digital only release, I wanted to nod to the past.  Music has been released on wax, on vinyl, on tape, on compact disc, through radio waves, and now direct from an app and wifi. Art for music has been created with lithography, paste-ups, X-acto knives, Xerox machines, copper plates, the printing press, and now often, it never leaves the computer. Every obi design was designed in the computer and then printed, crumpled, scanned back in while the ink was still wet and warping the paper, to become it’s final form, once again digital.  

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